Look Alive, Sunshine…

Listen up, Killjoys!

As My Chemical Romance are now, officially, back (looking stupider than ever), and Tabitha and I are going to see them live twice next month (yay!) we’ve both purchased “Fabulous Killjoy” outfits. Mine is, at this moment in time, incomplete, but I will be going shopping soon to buy the rest of it and, for now, I have found suitable replacements for the missing items and have taken a series of photographs of myself wearing the costume (and looking just as stupid as My Chem do…).

Here we go, here we go:

Who's that over there?!



Come with your arms raised high!

Don’t I look badass? ;D Haha, my trousers even match Gerard’s ;P That’s how cool I am.

Maybe one day I’ll show you my “Merlin” costume… That’s a good one. Maybe at the series finale… Yeah ;D

Woahh, that just makes me seem so cool. >..<

That’s all I have to say for now, to be honest… So yeahh… YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY FOLLOW THIS BLOG. (Because, contrary to popular belief, I am actually awesome. As you can probably tell from this post ^-^)


Peace out, dudes.



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5 Responses to Look Alive, Sunshine…

  1. Na na na, what a faaabulous killjoy you are 😉 nearly as dumb looking as Gee. Nearly…
    When I do my My Chemmy post later I’ll link to yours, ’cause it’s cooool.

    • Haha, thank you, love ;D
      Don’t you worry, I’ll look as dumb as Gee once I’ve gotten my full outfit sorted out… You free after the walk tomorrow to come wimme to town?
      N’awww, ta ;P hehe
      Love you, sugar brain ^-^

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  3. Morg, my dear, hello!

    I have to tell you once again that I absolutely fucking (am I allowed to swear on your profile?) LOVE your Fabulous Killjoy outfit! I plan on putting one together for the gig(s), but I have no idea that the heck to do…

    Anyways, I’m going to check your blog frequently for updates and all that, because you are actually quite awesome.

    Love you ever so much!

    • Hey, Iryy, love!
      Haha, thank you very much. And yeah, of course you are! Sweet! That’s cool =]
      N’aww, thanks, hun ^-^ Will you be blogging?
      Love you lots too

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